Arabic delights!


Ok, so none of you know that I’ve been learning arabic for the past few months. I’ve got to the point where I can join up my letters!! Anyhoo, I wanted to treat the other half to some traditional arabic food because we are constantly craving it.
I made some hummus, some falafel and arabic bread (or pitta if you want to be technical). Hummus was made from a big tin of chickpeas, some tahini, and some lemon juice. The falafel was a packet mix :S I know I cheated!! And the pitta breads were made from scratch; I put flour, water and yeast in my bread machine to form a dough. I then shaped them into round circles and fried them on a griddle pan. 
All of it has come to under £3… And I reckon we’ll have some hummus left over (not sure about the falafel!!)
Nom nom!! Marsalama xx

2 thoughts on “Arabic delights!

  1. I like the addition of the traditional Arabic can of coke. I’ve never had falafel – what is it made from and what does it taste like?

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